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The Dancing Fairy - Enlightening Entertainment

Meet the Dancing Fairy and live happily!

I am known in the entertainment world as “Dancing Fairy" since I love to create awareness through fun, bringing lightness into people's existence. This is the reason why I define herself as an "Enlightening Enter-Trainer", because through my "workshows" I aim to train people in how to improve the quality of their life, making it lighter, brighter and successful.


The Dancing Fairy can make your event unforgettable by creating a magical atmosphere, bringing light and lightness to you and your guests through enlightening and meaningful Tarot readings, dance and story-telling, and the art of "wish-making", adding a sparkle of Burlesque when and where it's appropriate. 

Put together your own birthday party or invite the Dancing Fairy to enlighten any other private/corporate event. Create a magical moment, and make your dreams come true.

Celebrate "rites of passage" by offering a Birthday (or Re-Birthday!) Party with the Dancing Fairy and her magical presence.

The Dancing Fairy is based in the Montreal area but is always happy to travel to bring her sparkles to the world.

  • To know more about entertaining readings (Tarot, Faerie & Angel Cards, Goddess Oracle), look HERE.

  • For an overview of dance shows, story-telling and "wish-making", just keep reading below.


"The Treasure Chest" is a dance show in 5 acts, Cabaret-style, perfectly suitable for "rites of passage" and women's celebrations. Inspired by the Goddess archetypes connected with the moon phases, the 4 seasons and the elements of Nature, it can be followed by a workshop on demand. 

The Treasure Chest - Monica the Dancing



If you are interested in the magical world of Faeries, Elves & Spirits of Nature, take a look at "The Faerie Code". You will learn the secret language of the Faerie Dimension and the art of "wish-making".



If you love Nature and you want something unique, look at "The Chant of the Trees". You'll discover the secrets of Nature by listening to the Dancing Fairy telling a story and dancing to the music performed live by plants and trees. This show is suitable for all ages. 



If you want to entertain a group of kids, look at "Magikoo and the clumsy Fairy". This show is performed by the Dancing Fairy and a young magician & circus artist, Soleyman Pierini. Suitable for all the family (usually also adults have a lot of fun)!

All the shows are meant to be performed both in a classic venue (theatre) and in a less formal kind of venue or context (from yoga/dance studios to spacious living rooms) during special events, conventions and/or workshops.

To know all the details, CONTACT ME to book your 20 minute free, no-obligations consultation.


"Monica Canducci, the Dancing Fairy, is an accredited author in the fields of personal development, wellness and spiritual awareness, and has worked for years as a movement teacher, a public speaker and a group facilitator too." - Daily Press, December 2018 (Monica Canducci, unlocking the treasures within - by Kathy Colace) 


The Dancing Fairy is always committed to creating new magical themed shows, and capable of creating something original and specific for you, according to your needs and goals. 


The Dancing Fairy is also available for artistic and creative collaborative projects (art, culture & education), as well as for conventions as a speaker. Themes may include: healing, self development, women's empowerment, self-awareness, body-mind connections, embodied spirituality, environmentalism, and topics concerning Faeries, Spirits of Nature, the world of symbols, archetypes, the Tarot and the Invisible Dimension of Being. 

The Dancing Fairy's Gallery

Demo Reel 2019 - Dance & Theatre

Le Jardin Suspendu - 2018

Toulèsarts Production

Meet the Dancing Fairy

Dance Improvisation - Adagio by S. Barber

Médiévales Launedière - 2018

The Dancing Fairy & Isadora Bella the Dragon

Sword Dance

Home Spring Dance - 2019

The Dancing Fairy & Isadora-Bella the Dragon

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