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The Sacred Body
Jul 22, 2021, 2:00 p.m. EDT
Zoom Video Webinar
From Moody and Exhausted to Radiant and Unstoppable. How You Can Embrace Your Feminine Energy to Thrive at Any Age by Reconnecting to Nature's Cycles from Within.

July 22, 2:00 p.m. EDT

Our world is changing rapidly and our planet is calling for a global awakening.


Now more than ever, mission-driven and spiritually oriented women worldwide are witnessing an increase of opportunities to connect and share their vision, gifts, talents, and expertise to create the life of their dreams in a better world. 

Are you one of them?

✅ Are you a woman dealing with life challenges, transitions, or symptoms preventing you from unlocking your inner resources and taking the steps necessary for the change you desire?

✅ Are you wondering how to improve your connection with your body and deal with your inner cycles?

✅ Did you ever feel that there is much more of yourself to express, but you don’t have the energy or the clarity you need to take action and embrace transformation?

✅ Do you feel called to make a difference, but there’s something holding you back from utilizing your full ability and becoming the radiant and thriving Empress that Nature wanted you to be?  

✅ What if you could learn how to master your mind-body alignment, obtain instant energy shifts, and feel unstoppable?


✅ Would you like to say goodbye to mood swings, fatigue, doubts, and insecurities?

✅ Do you feel ready to stop playing small, but don’t know how to embrace transformation and express yourself fully and successfully?

👉 Whether you’re looking to learn how to increase your self-confidence, balance, alignment, and energy levels to take a quantum leap... 

👉Or you feel there’s much more to express of yourself and much more to achieve in your life, but you don’t have the energy to embrace transformation…

👉Or you’re dealing with life challenges, transitions, or symptoms preventing you from unlocking your inner magic and taking the necessary steps for a desired change…

Your body holds the key to life-changing transformation, limitless energy, fulfilment, and success.

✨ Discover how to embrace and embody your Sacred Feminine Energy to shine, thrive, and manifest your maximum potential independent of your age by reconnecting to Nature’s Elements and cycles from within...

...Even if you feel lost, overwhelmed, tired, and discouraged because your body seems to be betraying you!

Enter the Sacred Body Path and Regain your Power!


✨Discover the three secrets that will lead you to a rebirth allowing you to unleash your maximum potential and become the best version of yourself.

✨Embrace transformation to become the fulfilled woman you’re meant to be!

In this webinar you will learn Three Secrets:

✨How To Master Your Energy Through Your Body

✨How To Reconnect To Nature From Within

✨How To Embody The Goddess To Shine, Thrive, And Live The Life You Want

What if you could learn how to master your mind-body alignment and obtain instant energy shifts? 

You would feel energized, radiant, and unstoppable. You could make clear, effective decisions and take the steps needed to live your dream life.

The greatest mistake a woman can make is to think that it’s too late to embrace her calling. 

This Masterclass is designed to help liberate you from the limiting beliefs related to aging and hormonal issues.

By reconnecting to the sacredness of your body and understanding how a woman’s life stages reflect Nature’s elements and cycles, you’ll discover a way to rejuvenate naturally and support your process of healing and transformation.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you master your physical and emotional states, finding a new balance which allows you to feel completely at ease in your body, relishing your femininity, and ready to enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Join me in this FREE Masterclass and you will learn how to:

  • Unlock your inner magic and feel like a Goddess to become the Empress of your life 

  • Master your physiology naturally to live aligned with Nature’s Elements and cycles from within


  • Embody your Divine Feminine Energy to feel radiant independent of your age

  • Deal with mood swings and other symptoms to live the life you want to the fullest 


  • Clear all obstacles that prevent you from expressing yourself fully

  • Improve mind-body-spirit alignment to manifest your True Self 

  • Take a quantum leap to express your maximum potential, thrive, and share your light with the world free from restrictions


  • Inspirational Author

  • Coach & Teacher to the Coaches 

  • Speaker/Enlightening Enter-Trainer

  • Embodiment Expert

  • Certified Rolfer & Morales Method Move In Mind Instructor

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Expert/Transformational & Spiritual Coach

  • Creator of the Sacred Body™ Program

Monica Canducci

“Monica is one of today’s most respected inspirational authors, transformational life coaches, teachers and healing facilitators, highly acknowledged internationally in the field of self-development and transformation. Advisor to show business stars and VIPs worldwide, and for those who look for spiritual guidance, Monica is also an acknowledged artist and performer who loves to define herself as an enlightening “enter-trainer”. (Daily Press, December 2018, Monica Canducci, Unlocking the treasures within by Kathy Colace)

Monica is a 56-year-old author, embodied spirituality teacher, Transformational Life Coach, and accomplished artist who has been helping women turn their challenges into opportunities for over 20 years through her books, guidance, courses, and programs because she believes women can make this world a better place by harnessing their full feminine whi and expressing their true, radiant selves. 

Beginning in the 1990s, Monica has studied and integrated neuroscience, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, martial arts, dance, natural magic, astrology, and several healing practices from around the world into her work, while constantly exploring the interconnections between body structure, thoughts, and emotions from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective. 


Her new book, “The Sacred Body - Embrace your Feminine Energy to Shine and Thrive at Any Age by Reconnecting to Nature’s Elements and Cycles from Within” has been published in June 2021.