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Rolfing® Structural Integration & Rolf Movement

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a process of working on the body which involves an intense manual treatment of connective tissues (fascia) by combining movement training movement and cultivating self-perception. It aims at re-establishing balance in the body structure in relation to gravity, by restoring a functional relationship between the various parts of the body.

It consists in a series of individual sessions lasting about one hour and a half, aimed at restoring the faculty of self-support and orientation in space, reducing or eliminating those body tissue restrictions and those posture and movement habits which might give rise to various kinds of physical discomfort affecting muscles, bones, joints and internal organs, and even influencing moods and psychological conditions in general.  

Structural Integration can be also used in order to achieve specific results. For example, athletes use it for nontraditional results to help themselves gain an additional edge in their performance, and to shorten their recovery time from injuries. 

What is Rolf Movement?

Rolf Movement is applied as full movement sessions, or can be used within Rolfing sessions as a tool for achieving higher levels of self-awareness and body-mind coherence and integration. It is a process of movement exploration devoted to specific structural and movement themes. It can be used for instance to explore and modify breathing patterns in order to promote ease in breathing by releasing holdings in the rib cage and respiratory diaphragm; to find the best way to walk, stand, sit, and perform many daily gestures and actions; to make easier some specific movements related to a particular job, or sport, or performing art, etc. 

Who can benefit from Rolfing Structural Integration & Rolf Movement sessions?


People who benefit from Rolfing and Rolf Movement sessions are from all kind and ages. 
It’s particularly helpful for artists (dancers, singers, musicians, actors, acrobats, etc.), athletes and people who want to increase the quality and the level of their performances, and it could be also indicated in the course of recovery and during or after rehabilitation processes (after injuries, surgery operations, etc.), in order to restore full health and efficiency.

In my Movement Coaching sessions I apply the principles of Rolfing Structural Integration to the Move In Mind method, not only to increase physical and psychological well-being and  the quality of life in general, but also to provide an unrivalled approach to Movement Coaching addressed to performing artists. 

This approach will be a support in your personal inquiry if you are looking for a way to extend your range of motion and expression, improve stage presence in case you are a performing artist, achieve more freedom and a better coordination, increase body awareness and maximize your results in performing.

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