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What lies beyond the earthly world? Is there an invisible, ethereal realm inhabited by creatures that cannot be perceived by the human eye? What if fairy tales, myths, and lore hid the secret code needed to access our deepest human resources? And what if, by approaching the Faerie Dimension without prejudice or fear, we could find the secret key to reveal the treasures we are still unaware of, removing from our path any obstacle, overcoming any conflict, and fulfilling every desire? 

Unveil the secret behind the secret. 

Make your dreams and wish come true. 


Inside you'll find the password to get the Secret Key to the Realm of Spirits of Nature.

Narrated by the enchanting voice of Mimi Novic.


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The Faerie Code - Audiobook

  • What if the Faerie Dimension existed for real, and coincided with an unknown dimension of being, that could lead us beyond the boundaries of our limited human mind?

    What if we could sharpen our perceptions by opening the doors of intuition and inspiration so as to clearly perceive communion with what surrounds us, and draw on a power beyond our imagination?


    With this book we intend to investigate the secrets enclosed in the invisible dimension known (or unknown) as the Faerie Realm, to decode that language, that secret code which would allow us to turn thoughts into things, and to make all dreams come true.

    And remember, the Faerie Code does not only have the purpose of making us able to manifest on the material, tangible level what we wish, dream and want. It has a much higher purpose.

    The purpose of bringing us, through the tales, symbols and metaphors of which it’s woven, to the full and complete realization of our deepest, higher, true Self. It is intended to help us transcend the illusion woven by limiting and weakening beliefs that inhabit our minds, and accompany us at the threshold of Reality.

    In a nutshell, the Faerie Code is a guide and contains seven original tales that provide access to the Faerie Dimension and its gifts. It discloses information from a realm that is invisible to most humans but sometimes makes itself known. Whether this dimension belongs to the inspiration coming from the realms of consciousness, or rather, to a subtle dimension where the faeries are supposed to live, it does not matter much . . . because on the Faerie Path, everything is possible.


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