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Finally, the 12 Spirits of Nature connected with the Zodiac Signs unveiling their messages through an Oracle including a DIY 12 cards deck and a booklet. An incomparable tool to lighten your mind and soul (English language).

*This is the DIY printed version of the Oracle already available for the readers and listeners of "The Faerie Code" through the Secret Key.


By purchasing this version, you will be enable to download the PDF files (booklet, cover and cards). The file containing the 12 Spirits includes also (as a 13th card) the image of the back of the cards, to be printed on the back of each one.

You can create your own layout, or ask a printer to do it. The ideal size of the cards and booklet is 6 x 4 inches.

The cards should be printed on thick paper. 


The 12 Spirits of Nature and their Messages

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