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Movement Coaching & Education

Move In Mind - Move effortlessly making gravity your best supporter  

A Movement session with me is always a beneficial, creative and educational opportunity to increase your body awareness and your mastery of movement.

I will listen to you and observe your body in motion, then I'll guide you through movement work aimed at helping you discover and engage your intrinsic, deepest resources to achieve your goals. 

In particular, according to the principles of the Structural Integration created by Dr. Rolf and applied to the Move In Mind method, we'll work to free your body from restrictions and to maximize any kind of movement performance. 

Whether you want to find the easiest and most functional way to accomplish a specific task involving your body structure (like singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, performing acrobatics, etc.), or just to find the best way to perform daily actions (like breathing, standing up, walking, staying seated, etc.), you'll discover a new world in which gravity is your best supporter. 


Click HERE​ to land on the dedicated website and book a 30 min free no-obligation consultation.

Sessions are also available online (Zoom, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime, Google Hangouts).



The sessions aim to help you:

  • Improve your posture 

  • Achieve movement fluidity

  • Restore balance and harmony 

  • Increase body awareness and presence

  • Explore the connections between body, thoughts, emotions and environment

  • Learn to understand your body language and messages 

  • Achieve wellbeing and optimal health

  • Improve coordination and flexibility

  • Discover powerful resources in your body to manage stress and embrace life transitions.


If you are a performing artist, we'll also work in order to:

  • Increase your body awareness and extend your range of expressiveness

  • Improve stage presence

  • Maximize quality and efficiency in performance

  • Prevent, remove or reduce those body restrictions (sometimes alsomtriggered by emotions and self-talk) which could inhibit you from recognizing or expressing your abilities

  • Prevent injuries and repetitive strain injury

  • Reduce muscular tension and pain

  • Recover from injuries

  • Manage stress 

  • Improve management and expression of emotions and feelings

  • Develop efficient and functional habits about breathing, posture and movement, on stage and in daily life. 

If you are interested in Move In Mind, look at the website dedicated to this powerful and transformative method

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