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Magikoo & the clumsy Fairy 

The adventures of a Magician and of a Fairy who didn't want to disappear. A magic show and lots of fun for kids and the whole family.

This show is available in English, French and Italian.

A Magician on the run from a clumsy Fairy tries to hide... unsuccessfully.

The Fairy finds him. The Magician tries to get along with her while performing a magic show. 

The Fairy has good intentions but she keeps interrupting him continuously, generating magical confusion.

Finally the Fairy follows the Magician in an adventure aimed at catching an invisible "guest".

This will bring peace and understanding between them, and fun to the audience. 

In this show Monica Canducci, the Dancing Fairy, performs with her son, Soleyman Pierini, 17 years old.

Soleyman Pierini is a young actor, magician and circus performer. He started his career as an actor with the role of young Philippe Petit in "The Walk" directed by Robert Zemeckis (2015). Since 2012 Soleyman has been practicing magic and circus arts. In the Summer 2018 and 2019 he toured with Circus Smirkus in the US (New England and New York), in the shows "Vaudeville" and "Carnival" - Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour 2018/2019 (68 shows in 7 weeks).

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