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Enlightening group sessions 

During these meetings you can ask your "big questions" to get answers from the perspective of invisible Spiritual Guides, channeled in an informal and pleasant atmosphere.

While sipping tea in a circle, after you asked your questions, Monica will "listen" to the flow of information coming from the Unseen, and will put it into words. 

You can bring into the circle general questions about life, spirituality, the existence, the Universe etc. You can also bring personal questions if they can be of interest for everybody.

The meetings last between 1hour and 2 hours. 

When the meeting is planned chez Monica, if the weather and the season allows it, at the end you can enjoy a visit to her Faerie Garden.

You can also host a meeting at your home or any other suitable place, even online, if you have a circle of friends interested in receiving messages from the Invisible Masters. 

For individual channelling session, please go to the page dedicated to Transformational Sessions.

Next meeting coming soon. 

For all enquiries or to organize or host a meeting, please contact:

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