The Alchemy of Transformation - Embody the change you want to see in your Life

Achieve inner peace and balance and optimize health by acknowledging your body as the sacred instrument to activate and accomplish life changes.

Learn how to turn any challenge into an achievement and any perceived limitation into a precious resource. Experience transformation to achieve wellbeing and self-realization, manifesting your spiritual essence on Earth. 

Our body is the "keeper of secrets" enabling us to achieve transformation, self-realization and healing. 

By unveiling those secrets, we can understand how to create positive changes in our life working through our body-mind structure and connections.

These transformational sessions enable you to:

  • Understand the symbolism of the human body

  • Understand how the environment can "reflect" personal inner limitations

  • Recognize the obstacles preventing you to live fully

  • Explore the connections between thoughts, emotions, body structure and environmental responses

  • Understand your body language and the messages from your body

  • Experience body-mindfulness

  • Understand and embody consciously the Chakra Model, the Tree of Life and the Four Elements of Alchemy to achieve transformation

  • Become the master of your inner processes on the path leading to healing & self-realization

  • Improve your sense of balance, confidence and self support

  • Improve emotional management

  • Restore balance and harmony within and around you

  • Practice and increase body awareness and presence to optimize health, balance, harmony and wellbeing

  • Orient your steps towards the best future possible

  • Manage stress and embrace life transitions

  • Support your healing process and journey

  • Transform your body and your life to manifest your True Self.

Sessions are available via video call (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts etc.). Due to the situation the world is going through right now, Monica is available to discuss pay-what-you-want options.

Contact Monica and book your 20 minutes free, no-obligation consultation to understand if this path is what you are looking for. 

Customized prices to be determined according to personal needs and goals.

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