The Arcana of the Threshold - Monica Can


The Arcana of The Threshold

The Path of Realization

The secrets of Life and Existence unveiled through the Arcana of the Threshold, a unique representation of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot.

A powerful tool to achieve spiritual wisdom, mind-body-spirit alignment, transformation, self-actualization & self-realization. 

An effective instrument to develop and strengthen your intuition.

A guide to understand the connections between your inner world and the external, help you achieve the practical desired results on your life path, and lead you to express your maximum potential in tune with your spiritual mission.

An incomparable instrument to help you align with your life purpose and soul call.

Starry Sky

I was only a child when I first became interested in the fascinating world of symbols and archetypes.

As a teenager I fell in love with the Tarot, and I soon recognized that the 22 Major Arcana concealed a world of knowledge which attracted me more than any other aspect. 

I decided to study the subject in depth, discovering the many facets of the Arcana world, and I decided I wanted to paint a deck of the Major Arcana - to return them to the essence that went beyond the traditional aspects of iconography, and acknowledge them as functions of the Creation of the Universe itself. 

I already enjoyed painting, and even at that time (I was on the threshold of my twenties) my “visionary” side, in touch with the invisible dimension, was widely emerging. It was happening through a kind of “channeling”, allowing me to draw from the unseen dimensions of existence, beyond the borders of this earthly life. You can view my paintings here

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Finally the inspiration came, and I clearly felt that I had to "portray" the Arcana. 

It took two years before my series of the 22 Major Arcana, painted as oil on canvas, was completed, and so took the first book I wrote about them.

It was as if the Arcana themselves were operating through me a work of powerful transformation.

It’s been more than 33 years since the Arcana began to visit me, to inform and transform me.

Each Arcana has been a powerful initiation to a new level of understanding involving my life and consciousness.

Life has brought me to the umpteenth turning point, thanks to which I understand the meaning of their presence. NOW is the time to spread their message.

NOW the transformation gifts of which the Arcana are the carriers must be shared, to help humanity take a constructive leap in the direction of harmony, beauty, healing, integration, and self-realization. 

And so, I answer the call once again, sharing this knowledge and the gifts of the spiritual dimension from which the Arcana come, so that YOU can benefit from them. 

The Arcana of the Threshold is a Course which revolves around the images of the 22 Arcana and includes:


  • 8 One-on-One live online classes with me

  • 4 series of Videos (I created more than 50 videos, 7 hours in total)

  • The book "The Arcana of the Threshold", a workbook, and the Tarot Deck to download.

The series of videos are aimed at facilitating the awakening, integration, and embodiment of the functions that the Arcana guard and represent in our Life.

The One-on-One sessions aim at passing on spiritual transmission and initiations.


Walk the Path of the Arcana and discover the secrets to living a fulfilling life consistent with your spiritual purpose. 

"Monica Canducci is a gifted Teacher, with a deep, old-world European understanding of Tarot Arcana as a proven vehicle for Transpersonal awareness."

Joseph Meador PhD, Faculty, The Anandamaya Institute for Transpersonal Studies, Austin, TX 

"Monica is a delight to listen to! The meditations are amazing and her explanations are rich and creative. She is a profound thinker and invites us to a deeper and richer understanding of the Tarot.

I feel blessed to have come across her teachings!"

Jen Isadora Winter

The Arcana of the Threshold belong to a dimension of Existence transcending space, time and any specific Tradition, and resonate with our Consciousness as messengers, activating our internal potential and hidden resources.

They are true gates to imagin-action, working through the universal language of numbers, symbols, letters, sounds, and archetypes to give you access to the secrets of the Tarot, enabling you to embody the meaning and functions of the 22 Major Arcana.

In details:


  • The 22 Arcana of the Threshold work as a guiding system to support you in every aspect of your life.

  • By approaching and working with the Arcana you can gain insight and clarity on where you are on your personal journey, where you are heading, what obstacles you are unconsciously creating, and the means to overcome them. 

  • When the 22 Arcana of the Threshold are looked at together in sequence, they represent the journey through life which every human takes repeatedly, in every area of their lives. 

  • This journey is carried out through a specific pattern which mirrors the universal spiral configuration present in every aspect of creation.  

  • Just as there are 22 Arcana, there are also 22 steps to complete a journey that is present time and again in the way you move your body, in your cognitive processing, and in response to the immediate environment you interact with.


The integration and embodiment of specific Arcana of the Threshold may help you create: 

  • an awareness and recognition of a potential block

  • a discovery or understanding of hidden connections

  • an activation of your potential

  • a transformation

  • a completion 

  • an awakening

  • an instant body-mind-soul-spirit alignment

  • a creation of a new pattern (e.g. a new belief)

  • a closure of an old pattern (e.g.. an old way of 'being' or moving through life)

  • a manifestation (a desire coming to fruition)

  • a change occurring in the external environment

  • a clearly understood direction or guidance revealed

Immersing yourself in the images of the Arcana of the Threshold, you'll discover that they enable you to communicate with the dimension of the Consciousness, as a real access to the Inner World. 


They are an incomparable instrument that helps you activate your inner potential, enabling you to embody the energies and the functions they represent in order to manifest them into the world around.

The Arcana of the Threshold - Monica Can

Enter the Sacred Path of Transformation and

Discover the Secrets of the Arcana.

✨ Unveil, understand and “embody” the functions hidden in the symbols kept by the Major Arcana of the Tarot.


✨ Perceive the secret meanings of the symbols and archetypes hidden in the 22 Arcana as “life lessons”.


✨ Understand the correspondences between your inner world and what you perceive as your environment, and learn how to produce practical, desired results by meditating and reflecting on a specific Arcana.


✨ Discover the connections between Sacred Geometry, ancient Spiritual teachings and the new frontiers of Neuroscience, enabling yourself to create new patterns and achieve control of your life.


✨ Transform your life, orient yourself toward your best possible future and realize your hidden potential.

✨ Unlock the Secret Door and cross the Threshold.  Achieve knowledge, healing, and self-realization.

Starry Sky

The Arcana of the Threshold Course is part of the Academy of Embodied Mystic Arts 



At the end of the Course you'll receive a Certification of Completion. 

If you take all the Courses offered by the Academy, you will receive a final Certification as Practitioner of Embodied Mystic Arts. 

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