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Incontro di Gruppo con Monica Canducci
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Increase awareness and presence, embody inspiration, realize the wholeness by dancing. 

Beside my work dedicated to Healing and Realization and the specific work that include sessions, workshops and training about Structural Integration and Movement (look at www.moveinmind.com), on the Path of Integration I offer meetings I like to define "workshows" because the group work is integrated by moments in which my way of teaching is very close to performing.

During my "workshow"s the work is focused on awareness, self-knowledge and on the relations between what we perceive as “ourself" and what we perceive as the "surrounding world”, in order to go beyond appearances, to find our essence, to leave what is unnecessary, and to experience how to turn to heal

In this process, the main tool in order to experience awareness and transformation is dance based on breathing awareness. The "workshows", experienced as steps towards healing and integration, include guided meditations focused on breathing, that involve the exploration of the voice, of the symbolism of the human body, and of course of movement and dance, and take place in an ever different way, depending on the participants.

Between the lightness of entertainment through the symbolic tales through which I love to communicate in a kind of inspired flow that reminds some shamanic approaches, and the intensity of the work through body, thoughts and emotions to which the participants are introduced and guided, a workshow is a wonderful opportunity to work on transformation and "embody" the changes, experiencing a new vision from different points of view, through the lens of humour.

A Workshow with Monica Canducci

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to moveinmind.com

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