The Arcana of the Threshold - The Path of Realization

The Arcana of the Threshold are the representation of the 22 steps, or degrees, which characterize the Path of the Arcana, a path that leads to Integration and Realization. They capture the essence of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, transfiguring and representing them beyond the borders of any iconographic representation referring to a historical and cultural context, or to a single specific Tradition. 

The Arcana of the Threshold,  a perfect fusion of spiritual and artistic inspiration, work in resonance with our consciousness in order to awaken it beyond the mediation of mental superstructures, as messages that touch and make our Essence vibrate, becoming the tools to activate our own potential they represent.

They are a wordless book, in which the pages are real "places" for 'Imagin-Action', or areas where images can work by talking the universal language of numbers, symbols and archetypes, and communicating directly with the deepest level of our consciousness.

Immersing ourselves into the images of the Arcana of the Threshold, we'll discover that they enable us to communicate with the dimension of Consciousness, as a real access to the Inner World. 

An incomparable instrument that helps us activate our inner potential, enabling ourselves to embody the energies and the functions they represent, and to manifest them into the world around.

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the 22 Arcana of the Threshold.

  • I - The Magician - Il Mago (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano I
  • II - The Priestess - La Sacerdotessa (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano II
  • III - The Empress - L'Imperatrice (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano III
  • IV - The Emperor - L'Imperatore (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano IV
  • V - The High Priest - Il Papa (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano V
  • VI - L'Innamorato - The Lover (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano VI
  • VII - The Chariot - Il Carro (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano VII
  • VIII - The Justice - La Giustizia (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano VIII
  • IX - The Hermit - L'Eremita (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano IX
  • X - The Wheel of Destiny - La Ruota della Fortuna (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano X
  • XI - The Force - La Forza (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XI
  • XII - The Hanged Man - L'Appeso (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XII
  • XIII - The Death - La Morte (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XIII
  • XIV - The Temperance - La Temperanza (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XIV
  • XV - The Devil - Il Diavolo (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XV
  • XVI - The Tower - La Torre (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XVI
  • XVII - La Stella - The Star (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XVII
  • XVIII - The Moon - La Luna (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XVIII
  • XIX - The Sun - Il Sole (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XIX
  • XX - The Judgment - Il Giudizio (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XX
  • XXI - The World - Il Mondo (by Monica Canducci)
    Arcano XXI
  • The Fool - Il Matto (by Monica Canducci)

The Arcana of the Threshold  - Oil on canvas by Monica Canducci

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