Spiritual Connections

Since my adolescence I have lived experiences that lead me to accept the inspirations coming from the Unseen. I feel myself like a communication tool between the tangible dimension, "visible to the eye", and subtler, intangible dimensions, from which come both creative inspiration and messages that offer cues for healing work and personal growth to people. These messages, often provocative (and only rarely, but some times addressed from an "invisible and specific" messenger to a specific person and aimed to a specific purpose), usually point out the importance of self-knowledge and of an ongoing transmutation work aimed to turn "lead into Gold", calling for a process on the Path of Integration, a process which recognizes the body as an instrument of spiritual experience and enable to understand the role of relations, leading to self Realization.

Beside an artistic and scientific "classic" education, I have worked with healers, shamans and spiritual teachers from different parts of the world and different spiritual traditions, learning to open my mind, my heart, and to go beyond any appearances and labels. Going through studies about Jewish Kabbalah, Esotericism and Alchemy, in 1995 I landed to Sufism by meeting Shaykh Nazim, Grand Master of a Sufi Order. A few years later, among my experiences in the field of healing, I felt particularly touched by the teachings of Ai Tchourek Ojun ("Moon Heart"), a shaman from Tuva, and Habiba Abduraimova, Uzbek Naqshbandi healer from whom I received the transmission of deep knowledge about healing. 

Since 2012 I have lived in Montreal, Quebec (Canada),  a city that offers a multicultural and multiethnic context overflowing with inspiration where I could be enriched even further by coming in contact with the principles of Haitian and afro-american spirituality in general. At the same time, the approach to the teachings of Native Algonquins of Quebec thanks to the meeting with T8aminik Rankin, Chief and Medicine Man, and Marie Josée Tardiff, Medicine Woman,  has further strengthened my relationship with Nature.

Since the '80s to today, over the meetings with various teachers, healers and Masters of different Spiritual Orders, I received a specific initiation to a Path of silent knowledge in which the "work" is particularly focused on the process of Integration and Realization in 22 steps (or degrees). Then I've been asked to teach a part of this knowledge, transmitting it to those who want to pursue a way to awakening and awareness, and finally the moment has come. Welcome to the Path

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to moveinmind.com

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