On the Path of the Arcana

'There is a Path of Wisdom, a silent and secret Way that crosses the oldest spiritual traditions, flowing between them in a spiral dance that connects all things and all dimensions. It is a Way beyond any other Way, that comprehends and integrates them all into itself. Each step on this Path is an initiation to higher, wider and deeper degrees of awareness, that introduce to an increasingly greater level of knowledge of the self and the world. 

This Path is the quintessence of the process of Integration, which is the full and harmonious Realization of every single potential in the Wholeness. It is a Path "on a human scale" because "the individual is the measure of all things" (Prōtagóras, greek philosopher, V century BC.). 

It means not only that knowledge is subjective, but also that we can know the world only through ourselves, and, in order to know, we must necessarily expand our horizons and our perceptual abilities.

It's a Path unfolding in 22 steps (or degrees) following one another and reproducing themselves in the same order at different depths, or heights, as in music we find the pattern of "eighth" repeating itself. And these 22 steps have come to us silently, at first hidden in the figures of a card game, which later became a tool of divination. In fact, as it often happens, knowledge disguises itself in order to be transmitted, by agreeing to be disclosed secretly through instruments seemingly dedicated to hobby and leisure, as the Major Arcana of Tarots. In fact, although the tools are exposed to everyone's eyes, only those who have eyes and ears tuned to the real world can really see and hear, drawing from secret knowledge.

The Path of Arcana contains the secrets of numbers, mathematical functions and relationships which give rise to the sacred geometries that shape our Universe (from DNA to galaxies) and, while integrating key elements belonging to different traditions, philosophical movements, mystical paths (from Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Eastern Ways (Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism...) and also to different shamanic and ritual paths of different places on Earth, it takes us beyond any single point of view to allow us access to a wider perspective.

The 22 Arcana have reached us through an iconography that is linked to historical periods as Middle Ages and Renaissance, an iconography that many artists and illustrators have reworked and interpreted through Time. Beyond Time, the Arcana have always existed and exist in the form of essential Archetypes, and so they manifested themselves, in their essence, to be "portrayed" as the Arcana of the ThresholdThey contain the secrets of knowledge in a form that allows people to contact their Essence through ways that we could define the paths of Imagin-ActionIt means that these images act, and so the portrayed symbols and archetypes resonate and speak directly to our consciousness, beyond the traditional iconographic mediation. The Arcana of the Threshold are a "living" tool to achieve knowledge and to work on the Path that leads to realityIn fact in 22 steps, or degrees, or stages, the Arcana describe us that process of Realization that applies to any field of knowledge, in the visible and invisible dimensions.


Knowing in depth the Arcana of the Threshold means embarking on a journey that leads to the knowledge of ourselves and of the world in all facets. It means to understand, layer by layer, the hidden structure of reality which is beyond the veils of illusion. It means to acquire a tool that allows us to free ourselves from the bondage of ego that obeys the laws of action and reaction, having access to the unique dimension of Being, which stands beyond conflicts and dualism, to fully realize ourself.

The Path of the Arcana is open to those who want to draw from the 

silent knowledge through 

the Arcana of the Threshold. 

Enter with me.

Cross the Threshold...

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