Healing, Integration, Realization

As a trans-disciplinary therapist and artist, I help people create a sacred space for healing and self-realization. In my role, I support people to explore and recognize the unseen connections between their body structure, thoughts, emotions, environment and perception of reality. In addition, I guide my clients to develop self-awareness and sense of presence. This process allows them to expand their range of movement, expression and sense of freedom. 

As a result, clients achieve an increased sense of well-being and efficacy in both mind and body.

My background in psycho-physiology and anthropology allows me to integrate a variety of tools involving the body structure and the cognitive processes related to movement, language, beliefs and communication beyond the conscious and verbal level.

During the sessions, I provide a safe container for clients to learn how to create new neural networks, pathways, patterns leading to accomplish their healing and self-fulfillment process. Consequently, clients achieve better health, integration and efficacy in their lives.

My sessions which are dedicated to the Healing and Self-Realization work are based on clients’ unique personal needs and goals. These may include methods involving the body-mind structure such as: Rolfing, Rolf Movement and Cranio-Sacral Therapy sessions, Move in Mind, Dance, Breathing & Meditation work. Some cases may be supported by energetic work (SourcePoint Therapy, Reiki). 

During the sessions, continuous dialogue is expected based on the belief that the transfer of information between a client and practitioner is the prerequisite to every change and healing process. At the beginning of a session, in some cases I may use Astrological and Arcana symbols to open doors to heightened intuition, inspiration and insight.

Most of the time however, I work as a channel. This is a more subtle way of working that stems from my natural ability as well as my history and ongoing connection with Masters and Teachers from traditional Spiritual Paths. This means I receive and transmit information that facilitates a client to make his or her connections related to any “missing dots” while making any unseen issues or factors that inhibit healing to become visible.

Typically, my sessions dedicated to Healing and Self-Realization work last between 2 and 3 hours. Served with an abundance of tea, the atmosphere is always warm, friendly and filled with good humor.

If you want to join me, or if you have any other questions, please write me.

If you want to read more about my tools, background, training and experience, please look at www.moveinmind.com

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to moveinmind.com

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