Dance Performances - Meet a Dancing Fairy

Dance is one of my favourite mean of expression, because through it I can experience the integration between what we usually call "inside" and "outside". 

When I'm dancing, I feel the space within and the space around me enter in a kind of communion, as I'm living and existing in an Ocean of Oneness. 

I love the journey through breath that becomes dance. 

I love to dance in the nature, in communion with it's elements, and in the cities, in harmony with their buildings. 

I love to dance, doesn't matter if I'm alone or if people is looking at me. 
I love to dance, in the complete silence or absorbed in the music.

I love to dance with musicians, being and becoming part of their music. 
I love to dance in a circle, being part of a rebalancing and healing process.

I'm always ready to let myself flow in the stream of dance.

It's a way to be aware and present. 
It's a way to communicate, to enter into the world and to let the world enter, being open to it. 

It's integration, and healing.
It's a pleasure, and a gift. 

"The sword of reality is the saints' protection." Rumi


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