Know Thyself - Consultations

I provide private one to one consultations either by personal meeting or Skype and Messenger video calls.

Beside or within my work about Healing and Realization, I offer consultations aimed to go deeper into the personal process of integration and personal transformation. My sessions are aimed to help people to learn more about their hidden or unexpressed potential and to discover and manifest their hidden resources, walking on the Path of Integration. In these sessions, according to my client's goals and needs, I might work by integrating creatively the tools and knowledges I've deepened in my research: 

  • Astrology, or the language of Astrological Symbols; 
  • the Archetypes of the Arcana of the Tarot (by utilizing the Arcana of the Threshold); 
  • the Symbolism of the human body and structure  
  • and the methods I've learned from the spiritual Masters and healers I met, I worked with and I learned from.

Moreover, my experience as a channel and bridge between the visible and invisible dimension of Being help access the flow of information coming from the deepest and subtler dimensions of Consciousness - from which our daily life often pulls us away. 

A session may last about 90 - 120 minutes and is served with an abundance of tea, in an atmosphere always warm, friendly and filled with good humour whether that be in a face to face meeting or by phone email or Skype. 
To book a session, or to ask more information about my sessions, please contact me.

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to

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