Books & eBooks by Monica Canducci

Works offering inspirations to go beyond the Veils of appearance, toward a real knowledge of the self and of the world, on the Path of Integration.

"The Arcana of the Threshold - The Path of Realization"

'There is a Path of Wisdom, a silent and secret Way that crosses the oldest spiritual traditions, flowing between them in a spiral dance that connects all things and all dimensions of Existence. 

It is a Path beyond any existing Way, that comprehends and integrates them all into itself. Each step on this Path is an initiation to higher, wider and deeper degrees of awareness, that introduce to...' Read more here.

NEW and now finally available, this book and the 22 Major Arcana of the Threshold will be sent for free to those who purchase the online course "On The Path of the Arcana", 5 hours of lessons and meditations on the Major Arcana of the Tarot realized by Monica Canducci. 

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"Turn to Heal - Dancing Beyond"

A story beyond the frontiers of Life.
A journey through the “sacred spirals” of Existence, to discover the secrets of transmission, experiencing the power of heart, the potential of mind and the fulfilling freedom of soul and spirit expressed through the body.

An engaging and adventurous journey, a “treasure hunt” always tinged with humour which transports you, the reader, into the flow of creativity, regeneration and healing to make you able to achieve your own Self realization. A trip to the conquest of awareness, presence and integration, in a dance beyond life and beyond time. And beyond any prejudice.

"One Heartbeat beyond the Threshold"

This ebook tells the story of  the Near Death Experience that happened to Monica a few years ago. 

A short,  intense story, reflecting on the meaning of life and death, encouraging us to look at our steps, to find our true self, to get a taste of the invisible dimensions of consciousness and a glimpse of the Afterlife.

Free eBook in English language.

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“MOVE-IN MIND: the power of mental imagery in nervous system rewiring"

"We experience the world through our senses, by moving in it. It's a huge part of our integration process, that happens through the body in our brain. And even if we perceive limitations in our body and senses, we can continue to process and integrate new experiences by moving in our mind." 

The amazing results achieved on a case of quadriplegia (the case of Claudio) by integrating a specific sensory-motor imagery training in touch and movement work.  

This eBook describes the steps that led to create the Move-in Mind Training that, day after day, is revealing its great potential both in movement re-education and in performing arts, integrating the new frontiers of neuroscience and neuroplasticity with bodywork techniques.
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Cover by Fabio Cento

“Sulla Via delle Fate | On the Faerie Way"

"On the Faerie Way“ is both an ebook and a pathway of self-discovery, that collect information on Invisible... Read more!

EBook available only in Italian language. 

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