Beyond Life 

At the service of the Unseen, or "The Adventures of a Ghost listener and whisperer". 

It seems that all my existence revolves around the so called Afterlife... 

About listening to the ones who whisper from the Invisible side of Life.

About being a bridge between Visible and Invisible Worlds.

About bringing messages beyond the frontiers of Life and Death (sometimes with some weird side effects...).

About letting flow a stream of information coming from unseen dimensions of Being...


About a strange kind of "mission" leading me to welcome and accompany some special, particular, invisible, but very present guests.

Page and contents in continue evolution. Here a list of  my writings about my experiences. Enjoy the journey!
"A Heartbeat beyond the Threshold" - A free ebook about a Near Death Experience
"Dreams Are Necessary" - An experience about Dreams...and beyond...
"Hosting Ghosts" - "Ghost Guests "and my life with invisible presences :)

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to

...And to know more about the heritage left by these experiences, cross the threshold of the Path of Integration

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