One Heartbeat beyond the Threshold: about a Near Death Experience 

A Near Death Experience that changed my Life. A glimpse to Afterlife seen through the eyes of a soul traveller. 

A true gift of love to be shared.

A few years ago I had one of the most important experiences of my existence, the experience that changed dramatically my Life.

EBook coming soon - new edition and editing.

"What happens when a woman at the height of her career is catapulted over the threshold between life and death?

What may she think, when noticing that her heart has stopped beating?

And what could we feel, abandoning our body, leaving this earthly life? Where do we find ourselves, and how?

What remains of our identity and our own beliefs? Is there really a final judgment?

What are the things that we should do in order to nourish and take care of our earthly life, in order to be able to live peacefully, after our passage to the other side? How can we enjoy the invisible dimension of the Afterlife? And what is it that brings us back?

How we can integrate this kind of experience in life, after returning?

The moving story of Monica Canducci, author, artist, therapist and spiritual traveller who managed to remain lucid during the experience that led her to die in order to give her a new life. An intense story, reflecting on the meaning of life, encouraging us to look at our steps, to find our true self, to get a taste of the invisible dimensions of consciousness and a glimpse of the Afterlife."


To know more about the heritage left by this and other experiences, cross the threshold of the Path of Integration

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