About me

I was born in Italy, on the Adriatic Coast. Following the call of the mountains, I moved first to the beautiful Aosta Valley, and some years later to the enchanting and powerful Quebec. As a researcher in the fields of Spiritual Paths belonging to ancient Spiritual Traditions, I explore and follow the path of knowledge by cultivating self awareness, presence, and respect. I consider myself a wanderer on the Path of Integration, because in my opinion "integration" means to realize anyone’s full potential in complete harmony with the world around. 

Therefore, beside my work dedicated to Healing & Realization (about self awareness, body-mind & movement integration, communication between the visible and invisible dimensions of Being), I love transmitting what I have learned and integrated through the art forms, of which I act as intermediary, especially writing, painting, dancing, and by teaching how to walk on the Path of Integration.

You can read more about my background and experiences on www.moveinmind.com.

To know more about my approach to bodywork, structural integration and neuroplasticity, please go to moveinmind.com

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